John C. Felten

Hard Wood Art


Commissioned pieces are a large part of my annual work.  If you are interested in discussing a commissioned piece of your own please feel free to contact me.



Table made from Oak, Bubinga, natural and dyed veneers done in a marquetry pattern.

This piece was done for a local social organization that provides emergency services, food, clothing and family intervention for homeless youths and families in crisis within the community.   



5 drawer jewelry box made from Brazilian Cherry with a total of 84 - 2" divided "cubbies" that will be used to store the owners collection of earrings.  The top drawer is also "fixed" and each drawer is lined with black velvet.  The pulls and handles are Italian brass.


The gift of a jewelry box for a loved family member was the idea behind this walnut and maple two drawer piece.  The top drawer is faux in that it is fitted, rather than on glides.  Each drawer has added dividers and is lined with black velvet.


This tray was made specifically to house and display some original "Delft" tiles from the Netherlands.  They had been in the family for many years and the owner wanted a more effective way to display them.  The oversized tray is made from red oak and the tiles are protected by a piece of 1/8 glass.


A piano bench that went back to childhood was the source for this project.  The owner remembers taking lessons and playing for family members while seated on this bench.  Unfortunately, much of the original bench was split and was the recipient of many DIY repairs.  The replacement bench is made from quarter sawn white oak and a stain as close to the original as possible.


A marriage gift was the source of the commission for this box.  Made from maple, walnut and natural veneers the Chinese characters, done in marquetry,  represent the idea of "Friendship" on one side of the reversible lid, and "Love" on the other.